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Unable to Download .pbix from Power BI Service as at 08-11-2019

Hey All,


I'm unable to download .pbix files from Power BI Service that have been "saved as" from other published reports.

This seems to have started occuring from the 11th of August 2019.

Is this a "new feature" or a bug?


If we "save as" a new copy of a report which was created before 11th of August in Power BI service we can now download that report whereas we couldn't download the original copy of that report.


I have verified that this is not to do with the settings in the Admin Portal since we can download .pbix files that have been directly published from PBI desktop.


Any information is appreciated.



I've just done a bit more testing and have verified that it's due to the rebind feature in the REST API as described in this post




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This seems to be only a recent change made by Microsoft which has now impacted an automated script we have in place to 'backup' our users reports. We deem this to be a high priority issue and would appreciate any feedback as to why this change has been made.

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Hi all, 


Based on my test, if we publish the report to Power BI service, then use Save as to create a new report, the Download the .pbix file is available in new report as well. 


In your scenario, I would suggest you test again. If the issue still occurs, please create a support ticket to get help. 


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Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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Hi i got a similar problem, one of the pbix files am not able to download from service. 


Following is the error message.


Can't export to Power BI Desktop format
We couldn't export to .pbix format.
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.
Activity ID: 68e161a8-0d59-4988-9479-8bbf13da5e39
Request ID: 7193c191-7028-0ffe-2352-1811304318b1
Correlation ID: a8b69caa-ac6a-3237-afe4-a1c1a087283a
Status code: 500
Time: Sat Jul 11 2020 00:13:00 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
Service version: 13.0.13804.93
Client version: 2006.5.01795-train
Cluster URI:

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Hi - we are getting the same, with the error as above for bushpalaneelima. For some the option to download is simply greyed out.