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USERNAME() and USERPRINCIPALNAME() return same on Report server 2019 january


For report server 2018 august, the function username() return "domain\name" and function userprincipalname() return "principal name for user".

But for report server 2019 january, both return "principal name for user".

Please, fix the bug. USERNAME() must return "domain\name"

Thanks a lot.
Best regards.

Status: Needs Info


Do you check the value in Power BI report server or Power BI Desktop optimized for report server? Please check details about RLS in this article.

"Within Power BI Desktop, username() returns a user in the format of DOMAIN\User and userprincipalname() returns a user in the format of

Within Power BI Report Server, username() and userprincipalname() both return the user's User Principal Name (UPN), which is similar to an email address."


Status changed to: Needs Info