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URGENT: Chiclet not working since September update

Hi everyone,


Since the latest PBI service update the Chiclet visual is not working within published reports. The issue has been raised in the Community forum but yet to be resolved:


From initial testig this is what we have found:

 - various versions of the visual work within PBI Desktop (also variety of versions) but whenever published doesn't work as it should

 - when published online the visual doesn't refresh the other affected visuals (instead it either does nothing, displays the wrong information, or requires a different visual to be clicked before it is refreshed)

 - only under one circumstance were we able to get it published correctly (that was to an account we created years ago in O365 - all other accounts, including new accounts created in O365 today, fail to load the visual properly)

 - the visual works fine within the Windows 10 PBI App

 - the issue (that we have kown about) has been ongoing for the past few days - corresponding with the latets PBI Service update


Any help would be much appreciated as we have over 50+ reports using this visual and it's quite an embarassing to have to explain to users/customers we're not sure why or when the issue can be fixed.





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Are yo sure you have downloaded the most recent version of the chiclet slicer?

There is a version which was released March 21st.   We are no longer experiencing the issue. 

Helper II

I never considered that the slicer would be versioned... How can you tell which version of the chicklet slicer you are using?? 



Kelly Dittmar



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Thanks for the info about the update. It would be great if there were a way to receive a notification about updates for custom vizzes. 


I updated the chiclet slicer to the newest version, cleared my browser cache, and re-published the report and I STILL have the same problem though, so the update didn't help. 


Community Champion

@joebern Is it possbile to share any sample report to reproduce this issue from our side?


Ignat Vilesov,

Software Engineer


Microsoft Power BI Custom Visuals