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Troubles with custom visuals (e.g. Table Sorter) since April release?

I use custom visuals such as Smart Filter (SQLBI) along with Table Sorter.
Until now everything was working properly, for months.
I now encounter rather strange effects.
Here is what has happened and how I proceeded (as well in PBI Desktop as in PBI Service).
STEP 1 - First filtering with Smart Filter. Results in a Table Sorter visual. Correct.
STEP 2 - Second filtering (different as previous). Results in the same visual. Correct.
STEP 3 - Third filtering : the same as in step 1. Same visual: results partial, i.e. missing rows in the resulting table.
In step 3, when - in Desktop - I switch from the "Table Sorter" visual to the "Table" visual (or "Matrix" visual), results are correct again. And when I come back to the "Table Sorter" visual : same missing rows situation !


PBI Custom visuals2.png

Can someone help?



Status: Needs Info



I cannot repro the same issue as you in latest Apr 2017 version of PBI Desktop. Please take a look at the video below to see if there is any difference between our repro steps.



Best Regards,

Impactful Individual
Status changed to: Needs Info