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Trouble connecting Power BI desktop to Big Query

Hello,  Since fews days, some people in my organization experience trouble in conecting Power Bi desktop to Big Query.  They all struggle with the following message: [Microsoft][BigQuery] (131) Unable to authenticate with Google BigQuery Storage API  Do you have some idea to solve iit  Thanks!

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Community Support

@Younie ,


Please check if the access token has expired or the credentials are not valid. If this issue persists, please also update power bi desktop to the latest version and check again.



Jimmy Tao

Regular Visitor



It is exaclty because we updated Power Bi desktop version to the last one (September 2020) that we have our problems.

People in my organization still on August version don't face the problem. 


We bet on a regression on last Power BI release and it seems lots of people face this problem.


It is quite urgent matter as we are totally blind on last week metrics. 


Tks for helping!