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Trouble Refreshing Big Query tables

About twice every week, my data from Big Query will not refresh and I will get this error message: 


Message:ERROR [HY000] [Microsoft][BigQuery] (100) Error interacting with REST API: Exceeded rate limits: Your user_method exceeded quota for api requests per user per method. For more information, see Table: drilldowns_site_and_social_engagement_report.
Activity ID:35a960ec-6e65-4f93-872d-c59f1d9c4a4e
Request ID:38547b89-6ef0-c3fb-8640-24718c9a36b6
Time:2018-06-04 21:25:34Z


However, I am not exceeding any limit from Power BI or Big Query. When I run into this issue, I have to manually refresh the data. Sometime, I can try to manually refresh the data 10 times before the error disappears - sometimes it works on the first try. However, this is definitely not because of my data.


This is present on Refresh All in power BI Desktop and all (manual & scheduled) refresh in Power BI Server.

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Hi @Dominaky,


The error is coming from Google BigQuery. How do you ensure you are not exceeding the limitation at the same time when you refresh the dataset on Power BI side.


When you refresh the data in Power BI desktop, is the option "Parallel Loading of Tables" enabled? Please try to disable this option then refresh the data in Power BI desktop to see if the same issue occurs. 


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Qiuyun Yu 

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Hi @v-qiuyu-msft


I don't think I'm exceeding the limitation by downloading a table of 110 rows, 5 columns. I did disable the option 'Parallel loading of table' and the issue is still there. I think the issue is in the way Power BI makes the API calls.



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Has anyone found a solution this problem yet? It defeats the entire purpose of a PowerBI + BigQuer reporting automation solution.