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Treemap failing......

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by alexe New Member on ‎11-16-2018 04:25 AM

since last month there must be an update_  Treemap fails on the rollover feature (it not longer displays more than 1 tooltip).  Please fix asap.

by alexe New Member
on ‎11-16-2018 04:29 AM

note - this is only when published into the view in the web browser.  It works on the desktop.

by Moderator v-qiuyu-msft
on ‎11-18-2018 10:50 PM

Hi @alexe


I'm not able to reproduce the issue. How do you define the treemap, would you please share .pbix file with us? You can upload it to your OneDrive and send the share link to me via private message. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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