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Translations are no longer shown after the Power BI March 2021 Update (2.91.701.0)

In previous versions of Power BI Desktop it was possible to add language specific captions and descriptions for tables and fields using the "cultures" part of the tabular model (e.g. the tmsl in the DataModelSchema file in templates (pbit)).


With the March update, these translations are no longer used in the Fields pane, and the raw names are shown instead. By not having friendly names in the model it becomes difficult and confusing for users to navigate it.


I hope either the March release has introduced another alternative for assigning friendly captions, or the translation feature will be reintroduced in the next release.



Niels Kühnel

Status: New
Community Support



You may try the latest version and check if it is affected by any preview feature.

New Member

Thanks, it is still an issue with the April update.


I have tried disabling all preview features, and even installed the latest version of Power BI Desktop in a clean VM just to be sure without any luck.


One of the things that puzzle me is that the external tool feature went GA with the March update, and the "Metadata translator" is one of the featured tools at the same time translations stopped showing. I assumed maybe it took advantage of a new feature in linguistic schemas or something else that had replaced TOM translations, yet it does not, and its translations also do not show up.


Have translations of captions in the field panel in Power BI Desktop deliberately been disabled?