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Topojson file max size to create a custom Shape Map

Hi there - 


I've tried connecting a Shape map visualization (preview) to a 400 MB topojson file (huge file, I know!) to create a custom map. My assumption was that Power BI would crash due to the data amount in this file. After testing it, Power BI did crash. Now, I'm trying to investigate what's the MB limit for a topojson file linked to Shape map visualization before crashing Power BI. The custom Shape map seems to be pretty cool, but the underlying topojson capacity must have a MB limit. Any ideas on what this size limit is?


I appreaciate any form of help!

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Hi @datateamsystem


Based on my research, there is a limitation about Shape map visual listed here


The shape map can use statistics or dynamic limits.

  • Max points: 1,500
  • Categories: Top 500

In my opinion, you need to check if there are too much values of columns dragged into Location or Legend bucket. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu




Thanks a lot! The link above is really helpful to check out each visualization limit! 

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