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Top of new title bar no longer registers mouse hover (Power BI Desktop)

The top of the new title bar no longer registers mouse hovers (or clicks) over any of the buttons when Power BI Desktop is fully maximized. I can't take a good screenshot because Snipping Tool doesn't show the mouse, but here's what I'm trying to illustrate:



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Based on my test in Power BI Desktop version 2.78.5740.861 64-bit (February 2020), the Close button is highlighted when we move the cursor and hover on it. Please run the same desktop version as ours then est again. 


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Qiuyun Yu

Regular Visitor

Apparently I am using Version: 2.78.5740.841 64-bit (February 2020), which is different from your version ending in .861, so I will just deal with it until my IT department updates.


However I must give notice that in your answer, you say "move the cursor and hover over it", but did you specifically move the cursor to the top rows of pixels on the screen, when Power BI is fully maximized? I took a picture with my phone to really illustrate what I'm talking about. You can see that the mouse is over the close button but isn't highlighting it. Power BI used to until the new title bar was added in Preview.