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Tooltips not showing on hoover in reports in PBI Service

It is just a black Arrow, the textbox in not showing. We are connecting with LIVE SSAS cubes, in North Europa. Latest Gateway.


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Spot on. Problems with iexplorer and edge, all versions. Is microsoft aware of this? Anyone posted a ticket, or read this thread? 

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I did a little more exploring here - tested a few SSAS and SQL sourced reports and the results were consistent. 


SSAS source report in Chrome works fine, tooltips are visible.

SSAS source report in IE(11) tooltips are not visible.

SQL Server db source report in both browsers works fine, tooltips are visible. 





Hi RLSmart,


Did you check with Chrome v.50 ? This version cannot load the tooltips

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Tooltips don't work on Explorer for us. They do work on Chrome, however. Most of my end users use Explorer (per company), where this is an issue.


Same here: Tooltips work in Chrome, but only get <black arrow> in IE.

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We are also experiencing this issue with IE version 11.1451.16299.0 and Edge version 41.16299.1419.0.  Tooltips still work in Chrome version 77.0.3865.120.

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Hi all,


The same issue has been reported internally: CRI 155725513. ETA 11/15. Please use different browsers except IE 11 and Edge till issue is fixed.

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Seems like this issue is ok now. Work both in IE and Edge now.