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Tooltips not showing on hoover in reports in PBI Service

It is just a black Arrow, the textbox in not showing. We are connecting with LIVE SSAS cubes, in North Europa. Latest Gateway.


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Advocate III

We have also been plagued by intermittent issues with tooltips but in power bi embedded. When the problem occurs they either struggle to render (remaining blurry an spinning round not loading), or they load but tables just dont appear, or sometimes all visuals appear grey with the black cross. 


The problem is the issue doesn't seem to be repeatable so the general impression with customers here is that they are flaky.


Any advice on what to do? Raise a support ticket? problem with support ticket is I doubt they will be very helpful.


New Member

This issue started from today morning … Very strange @Phil_Seamark any suggestions 

Advocate I

Correct. This issue started this morning. Regarding both reports and dashboards now, in all type of visuals. Tooltip box do not show on hoover. (or elsewhere). 

Resolver II

What I've noticed is that it seems to work okay when viewing using Chrome, but has this issue when viewing using Edge. Also, custom tooltips appear to work okay - it's just default tooltips that have the issue.

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We are getting  an issue with IE only, EDGE and Chrome seems fine for us


Regular Visitor

I'm using chrome verison 50 and cannot load the tooltips. Which min chrome version can load tootips (If powerbi service doesn't support for old chrome version) or powerbi service is having issue with tooltips ?

Pls resolve as soon as possible.

Advocate I

Problem appear in iexplorer and edge. Latest version with chrome works. 

Helper I

We are experiencing this issue with iexplore, EDGE seems ok.

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We're encountering the same issue in Internet Explorer 11 and Edge. Firefox is fine, though.

Helper I

Same issue here- SSAS data source, tootips are fine on the desktop, not displaying on IE (11).   Noticed it yesterday afternoon. US west coast.