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Tooltips doesn't show up in Power BI Service



I have designed a few tooltips in my model. In power BI desktop it works like a charm but when I publish that to the service I can't see the tooltip and it doesn't pops-up.


Any idea?





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I have the same issue. It has been working well and it stops working from this week.

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Hi all, 


This is a know issue. You can try the workaround: 


The “Tooltip” toggle needs to be turned on for the affected visuals. Users can do this if they have Edit access in the service. Otherwise, the report author will need to turn on the toggle “Tooltip” in PBI Desktop and then publish the updated report.


Fix is planned on: 7/16 – West Europe , 7/17 – NCUS , 7/19 – Rest of the World except North Europe, 7/20 – North Europe


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Thanks Qiuyun Yu but I'm not sure I'm following the workaround suggested by you.

Is it possible to send a screenshot of what exactly should I turn On/Off.


Would this be fixed for WW by July 20th??

I have a presentation for a large account right after the 20th and I have to have it fixed by then, otherwise I need to restructure my entire mock-up.




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Hi nhol,


To turn on the “Tooltip” toggle, you can do either online or desktop Power BI.


For online,

1) go to the "Edit report"

2) Click the visualization using a tooltip

3) Click format PBI.png

4) Click to turn on for "Report page"


5) Save the report.


Do the same thing in the Desktop Power BI and publish if needed.


Hope it helps.

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bangbang thanks but this workaround doesn't work as everytime you go online you have to go through this process... this can NOT be an option for end users... it's a hustle!!!

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Not sure if the fix by areas as mentioned above by Qiuyun Yu is based on where our Azure resides or the phisical country from where the model was published eitherway, we are now on the 20th and the issue still exists!!!


What's the ETA?




Has there been any update to this issue? I'm experiencing this now that I decided to try it....