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Too many issues to address - I'll just vent.

I work in the BI and reporting space for a Fortune 200 company and was sold this would be the future and combine numerous tasks into a single – easy to use application. We’ve been striving to convert to it for a year now and it’s turning into one of the biggest mistake we’ve done. Besides the final version looking pretty, there is nothing great about this product from a build nor analytical perspective.


It’s clunky, lacks usability for notice users (ie a newbie just isn’t going to figure it out like Excel or even Access… think more SQL Management). We’ve wasted so much money buying “pro licenses” so every analyst has the power to build “their own cool analytics”; only to find out no one understands it, no one likes using it. There are also way too many individual issues to list, from trying to format, to not being able to copy basic thing between reports, the process to data model, relationships seeminlgy not working at times, trying to get updates for the destop (PRO) version working, built calculated measures randomly not working, the screen size not being adjustable when building, object frames getting in the way of other objects ie try selecting one filter but you keep getting the filter next to it because the frame is larger than the object, etc, etc, etc ... its a nightmare compared to of MS products.


C-suites and other end users do like to look at the graphs a lot; but the 40-50 builders hate almost everything about it and most refuse to use it anymore. Way over promised and falling way short on delivering.


Now even as we are still rolling it out, we are talking about how to replace it or how to start “unrolling it” because we don’t feel like the product is ready for the typical desk employee.

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Hi @Hacket1


Sorry to bring any inconvenience. If it's possible, would you please clarify the issues? We will try to find the workaround, and report the issue to PG team internally.


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Qiuyun Yu 

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Sorry to hear about your implementation shortfalls. I have had quite the opposite experience, PBI is integrated nicely into other o365 services.  Ideally, pull from centralized data sources when you can.  I find the beauty of the product is the ETL (query engine).  Learn the tool, education and transparency is the key to success for any BI product.