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Title Heading Property Not Functioning

A new feature has been added to define the type of title text (Normal, Heading 3 ,4  and so on . . ) for visuals but it doesn't seem o work. 



Status: New
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Note the tooltip of it.

Advocate II

@Fowmy  you are correct that the tooltip explains that it's for screen readers only but it would be good if there were built-in styles that could be called up easily across report pages etc.

New Member

No idea what the previous two comments are saying but yes all our prod reports are showing this messed up formatting now, what is the resolution?

Normal formatting choice option shows no change, do we need to upgrade to the latest version of powerbi and update all reports? definetly a very real issue for us. 

Regular Visitor

Yes, please help on this!  All of my visuals look great in Power BI Desktop, but now look terrible once published to the Power BI Service. Please advise how to fix because my reports are a hot mess now.