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This query does not have any columns with the supported data types.......

Since having the September 2020 PowerBI Desktop update I've started running into an issue with a number of my report templates (pbit files) that use a function to retrieve CSV data from a selected folder.   The error message I receive "This query does not have any columns with the supported data types. It will be disabled from being loaded to the model"  and it appears during the initial data load after I have entered the parameter value on opening the template.


These are the steps that I take to use the template report:


 - Open the PBIT file

 - On opening, there is a pop-up box (parameter) that asks you to enter a location on your computer.

 - A funtion in power query then uses that location to get the CSV files located there

 - This data is then loaded into the report


Since the Sept update though it no longer works.   See below screenshot:




Any ideas?



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Hi @KsenAnt , Hi @RyanBentham ,


in my Power BI Desktop configurations, i've disabled by default, Type Detection as Global Option and in Current File Oprtion too .


The behaviour is the same when i export in PBIT format.

PBIT isn't corrupted when i unble properties flag in function / parameters down Power Query engine.



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Hi Folks,

by the latest release of October 2020 , the issue doesn't appear 🤗