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This must be a bug


Need help with this.

I built a power bi report using the data source from my outlook email attachments.

The report included the following:
1. two cards showing the dates the emails were received
2. some comparison of the data in two matrix visuals

Everything works fine in on the desktop file, I can refresh and everything looks correct after the refresh and it takes in new data from new emails.

However, after I published it onto the power BI service, it will only look correct before a refresh (whether a manual or scheduled refresh). The dates were changed to one day later than what it should be, and the matrix table could not pull anything.

I have read through a lot of different web posts and couldn't find an answer to why this is happening and I had built other reports doing the similar kind of work all those have been working correctly all the time. I don't understand why this one would not.


Please help. Thank you.




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What is the result when you refresh the data in Power BI Desktop? Do you get same behavior as that in Power BI Service? Could you please describe more about the calculation you take?


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Thank you for getting back to me, Lydia.


The result I got from Desktop is normal with no issue at all. It only happens in Power BI service. That's why I think it's a bug. I also issued a ticket yesterday to Power BI support with ticket number: 119021119653671. I am supposed to hear back in 24 hours but I have heard nothing yet.


The Date card is a measure (LastDate or FirstDate) of the date field of a list of emails received within outlook.