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This is a bug... y-axis start and end not pulling for line and clustered column visual

I am using the line and clustered column visual.   I have two fields pulled in and neither are measures.  Both are pulled in to the 'Line Values' field.  Both lines render fine in the visual.  


When I go to formatting=> y-axis...if I set the 'start' and or 'end' fields, the y-axis does not adjust on the visual. It does nothing to the visual.  


The reason I am using this visual instead of the line visual is that this visual allows for shading under one of the lines which is what we are wanting. 


SOLVED::: I was able to resolve this bug by selecting 'show secondary' and then turning it back off.  It somehow switched my axises to read the start and end that I had set. This is a bug though and you should find out why it takes switching on a secondary axis that isn't really there to fix it. 

Status: New
Community Support Team



The issue is reported internally and I will keep you posted with any updates.


I've also had several issues with the Y-axis on line and clustered column visuals. The auto start and end seem to be off, and the option to edit the secondary axis disappears randomly. Turning "Show Secondary" off and on again fixes this, just not sure why it is happening.