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There is no available gateway + Report i not shown

I am not sure whether these 2 thing are related:

1- when I publish the report, and try to se my report then I get the message even though I have created a gateway 


and this is the message fra the gateway cluster setting



2- the report is not shown


My question is whether the 2 thing are related, and how can I solve it? Please advise. 


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@rmh ,


Are the data source SSAS? If so, you need to map user name also. For more details, please refer to doc below:



Jimmy Tao

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Yes, my DS is SSAS and I map user nmae too, just like in the doc and still get the same gateway error 

Frequent Visitor

And by the way, here is my pesonal Gateway 


And when I try to click 'Apply' I get this message