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The server name provided doesn't match the server name on the SQL Server SSL certificate.

My BI reports on was working properly for months already and couple days ago I started reciving following message when I try to refresh the data.

Underlying error code:-2147467259
Underlying error message:The server name provided doesn't match the server name on the SQL Server SSL certificate. Please see (Source at myserver;myDB.)
Activity ID:40b8a79a-a35f-5305-6380-808484631ca5
Request ID:268f6c8c-6bf9-61b0-5428-1bdfb8faa452
Time:2017-09-14 16:42:26Z

I see in Gateway management the connection is successful


I checked some of other silmiar issue and suggested use FQDN and SQL configuration.

But we did not make any change recently.

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Please try to add SSL certs in machines. If you have already done that. You can also try to use the Fully Qualified Domain Name in Gateway configuration in Power BI Service and in the Source configuration in Power BI Desktop.


BTW, the on-premises data gateway September update is already available here.


If issue still persists, I suggest you to create a support ticket at (see bottom of page).


Support Ticket.gif


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Thanks for the reply.


We never had SSL certs in this server, and it just stopped working one day. I checked the query in BI desktop and see FQDN is used. 


See the updated and updated it and restarted the gateway service.

Still having the same issue.


I tried to use support ticket but was denial of access as below


You can't access this application


I have checked that i'm indeed using a pro user account. Is there some other requirment to submit a support ticket?




If you are a using a pro account, you should be able to open support ticket as above gif with no problem. Based on the message you get, maybe you need to contact with your O365 admin to see if they can grant permission to you.


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Thanks for the response.

Can you specifiy what kind of permission they should be looking for?

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Hello all,


I meet the same problem. I am a Pro Power BI User, Admin on O365 and i use Admin rights on the Server under the On-premise Gateway and SQL Server!!!


Check it guys!!!