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The gateway operation has been cancelled explicitly by the user or from a timeout - MY SQL



Our report - which is based on MY SQL Queries - seems to experience difficulties regarding the scheduled refresh. This is the error that we got back: 

If anyone can offer any advice or provide further information that would be highly appreciatedGateway Refresh error.PNGGateway Refresh Error

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We have been having similar issues over the past week. Was told today after submitting a ticket that the MS engineers have been made aware of the problem. So I guess it is a waiting game now.




Does this issue happen if you manually refresh the dataset instead of schedule refresh? Can the data be refreshed properly/quickly in Power BI Desktop? Are you using the latest version of On-premises data gateway?


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Manual refreshes are having the same problem. Not all reports will fail and our gateway is up an running. The reports refresh quickly and without problem in PBI Desktop. We on using the latest version of the on-premise gateway.

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Any updates on this issue, what could the possible reason be for this. We are facing the same issue and unable to figure out the reason.

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MYSQL Data Source Error.PNG









@v-haibl-msft I am using latest Power BI desktop and Gateway services .In Power BI Desktop Refreshes are going successfully.
Even in Data Source settings also i am getting same error. Sometimes connections are showing Successfully connected and also sometimes it showing timeout errors.


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Same issue on our side but our dataset is big and our connection to it is old and slow (its in another geography). Is there a max timeout on a gateway query?

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We are having the same issue with one dataset that started 7/19.  The data set ran for 30 days without issue and now we cannot get it to complete.  The logs show a lost connection due to timeouts and we have tried different Timeouts in the config file.  There were options in the desktop query settings that had advanced settings to add a connection timeout but it doesn't seem to be available any longer.


We have many other datasets that are refreshing without issue but this is a larger dataset.  


We also have a helpdesk ticket but no answer at this time.  

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Any update on this issue, This morning I started seeing the same issue. Till yesterday it was working fine.

Whats Microsoft saying (other than to wait). The Support sites says "No Known Issues".

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I do not have any updates other than they are looking into it. I have been working with a support person who has been interacting with engineers. I sent them some SQL Profiler Trace data at their request as well.

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