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The gateway operation has been cancelled explicitly by the user or from a timeout - MY SQL



Our report - which is based on MY SQL Queries - seems to experience difficulties regarding the scheduled refresh. This is the error that we got back: 

If anyone can offer any advice or provide further information that would be highly appreciatedGateway Refresh ErrorGateway Refresh Error

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Same here.

So frustraring and typical of Microsoft ... this is not a reliable product.


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This still aint fixed and no freaking information about the issue either!

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I tweeted Microsoft and they told me to try this:






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Ye well I have found what is causing the problem for me, but unsure why its happening nor how to resolve it.

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I didn't change anything but mine started working again. 

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I tried it without any change and it worked, so scheduled the refresh for last night.

Now is showing this error message, it seems that Personal Gateway looses the connection credentials:



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Okay guys, this error basicly has "nothing" to do with the actual gateway, but how badly error handling in Power Bi is done.

I have found the error in my 2 reports that experienced this issue, the error wasnt the same however, so god knows how much time I've spent on this.

How I did my troubleshooting for this error:


1. Deleted ALL relationships and tried to figure out if it had something to do with a relationship, in one of the two reports it had something to do with a relationship. So I slowly started building up all my relationships while publiushing it again for each relationship, untill I stumbled across the error again. Once I knew which relationship was giving me the error I fast noticed it had created a 1 to 1 way relationship, eventho I knew there could be duplicates in one of the tables, once I set it to many to one I could refresh the data with the gateway again.


2. My second report wasnt this easy tho! I started once more deleting all relationships and now it would refresh the data again with the gateway, so I started rebuilding the relationships slowly untill I stumbled across the relationship that was causing the issue. This time I had no idea what was wrong with the relationship as it was build up correctly. So after a couple of hours, and yes I mean hours! of different kinds of troubleshoot, I finally tried the button called "Remove Errors" on the two columns that was used to create the relationship. I have no idea what this button do, but it fixed my issue, however am I supposed to press "Remove Errors" on all my columns in all my tables just to be sure **bleep** like this aint happening in the future? What does this button do?!

And I really cant stress enough how badly these errors are described, at all times I could refresh the data just fine in the Power Bi Desktop, it was just the gateway causing me so many troubles. The error "The gateway operation has been cancelled explicitly by the user or from a timeout." gives you absolutely nothing, and specially when you can refresh the data in the power bi desktop, but not with the gateway? Could they at MINIMUM do so we cant refresh the data in the power bi desktop if there is something causing an error!? Quite dissapointed when it comes to troubleshooting for power bi, you spend almost more time trying to find the errors with the lack of description than building the entire dashboards?

Best regards

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This fixed the problem for me:

  • Save Power BI Desktop model as .pbit template file
  • Open the pbit, refresh and save as .pbix
  • Publish to Power BI Service and try to refresh with the gateway

It also seemed to have something to do with the pbix file locale. I had changed the default Finnish (Finland) to English (Finland) previously. Creating a new file from template seems to clear this setting back to default. If I change it to English (Finland) again, the problem reappears. Not sure if I could have fixed the problem just by changing the locale back to default.

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The gateway operation has been cancelled explicitly by the user or from a timeout.


Is there a recommended solution to the above isssue? We have a Market Ratio file which is scheduled to refresh everyday. However for the last week or so the refresh fails and it says the gateway operations has been cancelled explicitly by the user of from a timeout. The Dateset is an 24 month running data and I don't see any difference in the file size. We can however, see that the refresh is taking much longer than usual. Where do we start checking?

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We do have same issue. Will someone solve this?