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The DAX Formula Bar is working differently


Please someone from Power BI community help me in figuring this out. I started my power BI today and while inputing the DAX measure, it's looking and well working differently. Please help me in understanding do I need to alter any setting or why it's working this way. 

Below is the image of Power BI formula bar. It has the square box icon and slightly different in using also.


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This isn't an issue. This is the new Intellisense improvements in DAX. I'm not sure what all the icons mean yet. A cube can be for either a function or a measure, a wrench for a field name, some kind of brown flow diagram for a table.

Everything works as before though.

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Thanks for reassuring that you also faced the same changes. If this is a new improvement, I really faced some challenges using this smoothly. 


I would really appriciate the older version but if this is an update. I will look forward to learn more about it from Microsoft channels.

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Just curious @kavitabehera - I've not played with this extensively but have not noticed any issues. What issues are you seeing with the new Intellisense?

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In my experience the new intellisense overwrites locale settings. So if I want to use comma for decimal point and semicolon for list separator, then this is overwritten with the default DAX dot and comma. This messes up a lot of my functions. PLEASE HELP!

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In my case, this new intellisense has broken all my habits of exploiting intellisense.

Yesterday it took me 10 min to have it find a field within the same table I was creating a column in.

Also, I'm not sure this is related but PowerBI is just memory hungry these days.  I had to restart it twice today because it kept eating up all the memory on my PC (all that was remaining of my 32Gb!!)


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Agree with @FireFighter1017     The new intellisense is horrible.   And Power Bi desktop has to be restarted multiple time throughout the day.  


Please fix all of the bugs we are seeing in the October release BEFORE November....not sure why the October release was so early anyways...should have spent another two weeks checking for bugs. 

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What issue are you referring to @FireFighter1017 - I just looked at creating a column, and as soon as I typed in the table name, all of the fields started showing up.


And I can quickly tell the difference between fields (the wrench) and measures (cubes.)

I'm not sure I understand why a wrench is the icon for a field, but it does work. 

I also like how when you start typing a field name, it forces the table name with it, which is how it should work. I think the older version allowed you type in [Exchange Rate] and while it would work, it was bad practice. Fields should always have a table name, and measures never should.


But what specific issue are you seeing? You didn't say why it took 10min to find a field.

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I figure Power BI Desktop needed to be rebooted becasue after a couple of reboot, now it shows it correctly.

It seems that when PowerBI Desktop finally eats up all the memory, it starts acting weird.  I wonder why... 😉