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Text to column issue


When uploading a file I am doing the equivalent of the "Text to column" function in excel. However it does not apply to all the rows on the file and I am not sure why/how to solve it Could you please support/let me know if it might be  a bug?

Thank you!

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@frapagna ,


In power query, function 'Text.Split' can meet your requirement.


Text.Split(text as text, separator as text) as list






Jimmy Tao 

New Member
Hi! I am afraid this is not helping 😞 The origin file is made of a single column with text in it (it is an Microsoft excel comma separated value file). When uploading it in Power BI, I formatted the origin file through transformation of the text in columns using the delimiter ",". However, this is not applied to all the rows in the file. Some are left out (I thought it might have been an issue of the origin file, but the same does not happen when I apply "Text to column" to the same file in excel). The origin file is automatically identified as 65001: Unicode (UTF-8). Could that be part of the issue? I really do not know how to solve it. Especially since it seems to be applied to random rows in the file. Hope you can help! Francesca