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Text box font reverts to default after changing tabs

When editing text boxes where the font and size have been changed, sometimes some or all of the text reverts to the default font of Segoe UI light. Our default font is Tahoma.


Possible sources of the bug (not tested):

-  cases where some or all of the text has been copy-pasted into the text box.

-  cases where a visual template has been applied.

- cases where a report has been edited after originally being created from a template file.


The change appears to be made when the tab is changed.






Status: Needs Info
Community Support

Hi @TM_Visual,


Does the issue happen in Power BI desktop or service? 

Would you please share detail steps to reproduce the issue? 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Status changed to: Needs Info
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Hi, This is a bug in Desktop.

I have not recreated the bug in a new blank file, but I have a .pbix which has a text box with the problem.

The problem persists if that text box is copied to a new tab.

It also persists if all or part of that bugged text is copied into a NEW text box.

It has somehow stored the fact that that text string is that font, and will not change it.

Text can be copy-pasted out of a file and back in and this causes problems. I believe that this has something to do with the bug.

Please let me know how I can share the file with you. I have removed all personalised information.

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I also experience this issue. And it drives me crazy! I have "Readme" pages in many reports, where I have text boxes, whose font family I always change to Arial.


But every time I re-open the file, some (but not all) of the lines of text in a text box have reverted back to Segoe UI Light.


So, I click into the text box; press Ctrl+A to select all; change the font family to Arial; save the file and re-publish it.


Then later, when I want to make changes to the report, I open the file in Power BI Desktop again, and the same lines have reverted back to Segoe UI Light, again. Over and over.


I don't even have to close and re-open the file. It also happens every time I switch to a different report page, then come back to my "Readme" page with the text box.

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@Vicky_Song and @v-qiuyu-msft ... did you get a chance to look into this? Did @TM_Visual share their file? Could I share mine, too?

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@kevhav , I'm still having the problem occasionally, although less frequently.


I wasn't able to re-create the error using a blank file, and I can't share any of my existing reports as they contain sensitive data.

I've encountered the problem again just today.


As an example of just how it works, I conducted a few tests:

In the image Textbox 1, the first line is Tahoma, size 16, colour black. Second and third line is Tahoma 12 black. Fourth and fifth is default Segoe UI Light 14 grey.








Test1: I select lines 4 and 5 and change to Tahoma. Retain size 14. Move to another tab and come back.

Result: Remains as I left it (all Tahoma; change successful)


Test2: Using the status at the end of Test1, I then change the size of lines four and five to 12. Change tabs and return back.

Result: Lines four and five resets to default Segoe UI Light 14 grey


Test3: From the basic state (line 1 to 3 as Tahoma, 4 to 5 as Segoe UI Light), I change lines four and five to size 12. I leave them as Segoe UI Light. Change tab, return.

Result: No change: Lines Four and five remain size 12.


Test4: From the state at the end of Test3, I change lines four and five from Segoe UI Light to Tahoma. I leave tab and return.

Result: Lines Four and five reset to defautl state of Segoe UI Light 14 grey.


Test5: Click to select the end of line three. Pressing enter to create a line break, and type 'Test5' on the 'new' line four. Text inheirits the existing format of line three: Tahoma, size 12. Change tab, and return to first tab.

Result: The new text changes to Sagoe UI Light 14 grey.


I did some further playing around in a less structured way. Perhaps there's an issue with Power BI assigning formatting based on a line? It's mystifying.


I will see if I can find time to create a test file with the error for the developers to use to pin down the bug.



Same problem here...been happening for a while.  I thought I had a way to fix it before, but eventually that failed to.  The 10 seconds explanation is, if I use the return to create a new line in the text box, the font in the new lines will always revert to the default font style upon saving and reloading the file.  If I want to pull the new line and have the sentences as part of the original "paragraph"...then it doesn't seem to revert the font incorrectly.

Continued Contributor

Right, but it doesn't happen on every line break.


I think I figured out when it does happen. If one line of text has some "mixed formatting"...for example, some (but not all) of the line is bold or italic, then if you press return to create a line break, then the subsequent line will have this issue where it always reverts to the default formatting.


A workaround I just found is to also give the subsequent line some "mixed formatting." I just highlight some "space" characters, and make them bold.


A silly workaround, of course. Hope this gets fixed.