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Tables Flicker on Dashboard with Streamed Dataset

If we add a table/matrix onto our dashboards (connected to a dataset that is not the streamed dataset, so its static data) everytime the streamed dataset gets updated the table flickers and re-renders.


Our streamed dataset gets updated every 10sec so its very noticable

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Hi @MCornish


I tested on my side but not able to reproduce the issue. Please check the refresh frequency of the dataset which is related to the table/matrix visual. Also please check if the browser has auto refresh add-in turned on. 


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Qiuyun Yu

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Here is a sample video of it happening. I can't show much more of the table as it contains PII. 


As the gauge updates (30sec streamed dataset), the table gets a refresh as well (table is linked to a dataset that gets updated once a day @ 5am).


We have no refresh plugins installed or running

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@v-qiuyu-msft Has this been looked into? Still causing us problems

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We can confirm same problem started the 10/3 or 11/3 for us -  no changes in code / service other