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Table sorting by column resets after refreshing the data


After I updated my Power BI Desktop to February update I noticed that everytime I refresh the datasets the sorting by column resets and goes to default. That's so disturbing that I will have to downgrade to the December update, because the January upgrade had issues in DirectQuery mode.


I've tested on two different machines and on the machine with the December version there was no such issue as reseting the column sort to default.

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Confirmed! This one is really bad. If you have a large model with a lot of sorted columns, to have to reorder each refresh it's a real pain. Refrain from upgrading
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Advocate I
I also have this issue.
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And I also, the same bug

Power BI Team

We have the fix for this issue and we hope to have an update for February release on Feb 9th.



Alex Gorev

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Status changed to: Accepted
Power BI Team

This issue is fixed with the latest update. Get new version from Download center or update from Microsoft Store.



Alex Gorev

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Issue still present. 

steps to reproduce: 
- Stacked bar chart; Axis Y
- Sort by Count of X
- Set filter Y to 'TOP N', by value of X
- Create Page 2
- Create bookmarks in the two pages
- Create shapes that will link to the other page's bookmark

- Ctrl+Click on the shape to go to page 2 and 1

When coming back on the 1 page with the graph, sort + filter will be reset