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Table Preview not scrolling to top when filtered by other visuals

I have noticed that the preview table is not scrolling to the top when it is filtered by using another visual.

the table is refreshed and i can see the scroll bar getting smaller as it fetches the table but it does not seem to visualize it at the top of the list.

I have about 700 entries in the table coming from a live tabular model connection.

Has anyone else noticed this?


Thank you

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Regular Visitor

I am facing the same issue.

This is becoming a major concern deploying the dashboards.

Is it possible that any update information be revealed?

New Member

I am having the same issue. Would love a fix here, this error can prompt misleading insights.

Advocate I

This is pretty awful and I've been dealing with it ever since i've started using Power BI.  It is to the point where it is becoming unusable because as we add more bookmarks the user has to scroll up every time.  You can save the bookmark to be at the top but it still doesn't scroll to top everytime when you click different bookmarks.  It is really erratic and not user friendly.

Frequent Visitor

I agree, this bug is really annoying. I'm using some tables in various tooltip-pages so there's not even a way for my users to scroll down manually when it gets stuck in the middle 😞

Advocate I

Markando, i have just today had that issue as well with the tooltips not being scrolled to the top.  Even though they can't see all the data when scrolled to the top they can see the totals at the bottom so tables actually work pretty well for tooltips but the scroll bug is absolutely maddening.

Regular Visitor

This also happens when filtering with slicers. This issue should be fixed since it is very misleading and annoying for the end users. Any idea when this issue will be fixed?

Frequent Visitor

As of Jun 18 update, the issue is still not fixed. I can't stress enough this is an important issue. User can get misled when table is supposed to show ordered records. The randomness of vertical scroll is unprofessional. I can't recommend any business to move to Power BI if its fundamental visual as table is flawed and left unfixed for a year.

Regular Visitor

Currently facing the same issue - slicers should always jump back to the top.

Regular Visitor

Facing this issue as well Man Sad

Frequent Visitor

Add me to the list as well, the report consumer would likely think that they are looking at the top (or leftmost column) of the list which makes this a doubly crucial issue.