Table Preview not scrolling to top when filtered by other visuals

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by hoonybro90 Frequent Visitor ‎07-05-2017 03:01 PM - edited ‎07-05-2017 03:06 PM

I have noticed that the preview table is not scrolling to the top when it is filtered by using another visual.

the table is refreshed and i can see the scroll bar getting smaller as it fetches the table but it does not seem to visualize it at the top of the list.

I have about 700 entries in the table coming from a live tabular model connection.

Has anyone else noticed this?


Thank you

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by v-haibl-msft Super Contributor
on ‎07-06-2017 03:11 AM



I’ve reported it internally to Power BI Team: CRI 41690197
I’ll post here once I get any update about it.


Best Regards,

by Vicky_Song Established Member
on ‎07-06-2017 06:42 PM
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by anunezg Visitor
on ‎07-18-2017 01:35 PM

I'm having the same issue, @v-haibl-msft is there an update or a fix on this?


thank you.

by vickyd Member
on ‎11-12-2017 06:11 AM

@Vicky_Song @v-haibl-msft Looks like this issue has not been fixed yet. Any ETA on when it will be fixed?

by MAwbre Frequent Visitor
on ‎12-06-2017 11:06 AM

I am experiencing the same issue with the latest version as of posting.  I am also looking for any more information or updates.

by jpanzeca Frequent Visitor
on ‎12-19-2017 01:57 PM

I am having this issue as well.  I there a solution or work around?

by czak Visitor
on ‎01-09-2018 07:57 AM

Same issue here with the scroll bar hovering somewhere around the middle of a table when filtering from another visual.   Looking for a solution or work-around.  Thanks!

by ahoffman Visitor
on ‎01-23-2018 11:56 AM

This is a real issue for my users. I am stalling deployment of a project to my client because of this bug.

Can we please get an update when this will be fixed.

by Danman Occasional Visitor
on ‎01-23-2018 12:01 PM

We are also having the same issue and it substantially impairs the way the larger report is supposed to used, 


Can any moderators provide a status on fixing this as this was brough to Power BI's attention over 6 months ago with no more updates since then.


Thank you 



by kyle Frequent Visitor
on ‎02-19-2018 05:28 PM

Same issue - please fix!

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