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Table Preview not scrolling to top when filtered by other visuals

I have noticed that the preview table is not scrolling to the top when it is filtered by using another visual.

the table is refreshed and i can see the scroll bar getting smaller as it fetches the table but it does not seem to visualize it at the top of the list.

I have about 700 entries in the table coming from a live tabular model connection.

Has anyone else noticed this?


Thank you

Status: Accepted
Helper III

please fix


Advocate I


what mikejarod said.


It is marked "Accepted" and haven't heard anything since then.


I think we should go easier on them though, acceptance is powerful. 😛

Advocate I
Helper II

Needed ASAP

Helper III



Any update on this one?

It makes certain report formats so unreliable.

I dont understand there is so little support for this.

New Member

I'm having exactly the same problem (September 2020 update). Does anyone have any solution or workaround? Any custom table visual that scrolls back to the top when filtered/refreshed? this bug is really annoying!