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Table Does Not Show In Tooltip Report Page (sporadic issue)

I have an issue in Power BI Service on top of ssas, with tables inside report page tooltip on top of the card visual.

Setup to reproduce:
1. Report page with card and a few slicers, that has tooltip on hover showing a report tooltip page
2. (custom size) Report tooltip page with 2 cards, a textbox and a table (table and 2cards affected by slicers on report page).

When I hover the card to see the tooltip, the tooltip loads with cards and textbox but without the table. This happens 5-10% of the time, and is very frustrating user experience.

From what I've seen, it only happens the first time I try to open the tooltip after the report has been loaded (tooltip will flicker / disappear and reappear, I think this is without me moving mouse, or possibly moving 1px, then after the flicker it appears again without table).

Therefore to reproduce this one must try to load tooltips once, and then refresh report and then try a "first attempt" again with different slicing in order to recreate the issue. It seems more likely to happen for tables with very many rows, but in usure about this. The power bi service / ssas also seems has a cache/caches that affect this, which makes it hard to reproduce. My way to do it is to change slicer selection to something that I didnt check before, to force it to not use cache, then refresh the whole browser. Report will then show with "reset to standard" (it kept the slicer that tooltip hasnt loaded for), then i check the tooltip and issue happens maybe 20% of the time. It is easiest to reproduce with many card to different tooltip pages, so less slicing and report refreshes are needed. This was tested on a power bi premium dedicated capacity workspace in case it matters.

It is unfortunate that new report users may not see the value in the tooltip because content is missing.

Expected behavior here is a tooltip that spends longer to load if it needs to, instead of partially showing elements.

Status: New
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Hi @ora


Please create a support ticket to get help. 


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