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TOTALYTD measure not working if Calendar is connected via DateKey


I've come across an issue where TOTALYTD doesn't work when a Calendar is connected to the Fact Table via Date Key rather than a Date.


I've replicated the issue in an Excel file but the same issue applies in PBI!Auy_rL3prGGUiT8m1WzkaXvRjxNN



Interestingly if you create an inactive relationship between the actual Date columns in the Calendar and the Fact Table then the YTD issue resolves itself.  



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I also have a similiar issue for the rolling average quick measure.  Despite having a Calendar table with a DateKey the measure does not work after the October update. It however works with other quick measures (incl. YTD).



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According to the official document about TOTALYTD Function (DAX), the date parameter should be a column that contains dates. But in your scenario, it is a column with unnique whole numbers which represent different dates.


To get the total YTD in your scenario, we can create a measure using following DAX formula. Before that, we need to create a Year column in the fact table.


SalesYTD_2 = 
    SUM ( 'Fact'[Sales] ),
    FILTER ( ALL ( 'Fact' ), 'Fact'[Date Key] <= MAX ( 'Fact'[Date Key] ) ),
    VALUES ( 'Fact'[Year] )

TOTALYTD measure not working if Calendar is connected via DateKey_1.jpg




Have you tried to use the date column in the fact table?


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 Thanks @v-haibl-msft


Yes my measure is created using the Date field and I have created many in the past, but this is the first time I've ever used a DateKey for the "relationship" between the tables.


It does seem odd that the same measure then works as soon as I create an inactive relationship between the 2 date fields in the 2 tables.


TOTAL YTD img1.pngTOTAL YTD img2.png