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Sync slicer not working in Power BI Service



I m using the latest edition of Power BI Desktop (Apr 2018 update)


Sync Slicers seems to be working fine in PBI desktop. However, on publishing the report to Power BI Service,

it is failing as the filters are not being applied across pages.


If the slicers are compared in the below two snapshots, filters are being retained for ones shown as listbox while it is failing for "Folder"dropdown displayed as drop-down.


In PBI desktop however, there is no problem.

I have tried adding and syncing slicers all over again to all pages. But there is no difference.


Filter applied on Folder DDL and Geography ListboxFilter applied on Folder DDL and Geography Listbox


Filter applied on Folder DDL is NOT retained while those applied for Geography Listbox is retainedFilter applied on Folder DDL is NOT retained while those applied for Geography Listbox is retained


Slicers are shown as drop-downs with "Select All"option and I have tried enabling / disabling the Headers.

I have tried adding the slicers all over again. But the values are not being retained. The issue exists in all browsers (IE Edge and Chrome)


Please suggest.




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Hi @Anonymous,


I'm not able to reproduce the issue on my side. Would you please try to test with our report to see if the same issue occurs on your side? 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Thanks for checking on this issue @v-qiuyu-msft Qiuyun Yu.


I m unable to replicate this isue with the PBIX you provided.


I downloaded the PBIX file that I had published, checked the sync slicers and re-published the reports.

But the issue persists.


  1. Is there a limit to number of slicers that can be synced/ number of pages in report that would support sync slicers.. etc? I noticed that if I change all dropdowns to listboxes, it works as expected.
  2. Im using Bookmarks and Chiclet slicers (which currently does not support sync). Is this a problem?
  3. Can bookmarks be used on a page with just the filters to save filter selections (This is not working for me either)


Thanks & regards,


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The issue was reported as a bug by microsoft support. Sync slicers are not working when the fields are renamed in the model after referring them in slicers.


Work around: Delete all slicers and add them again.


The fix should be expected around next update in july.


Thanks Mannu.


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Has this issue been resolved? I'm still experiencing this. 

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I'm using bookmarks that created this issue. As soon as I unticked 'Data' from the bookmarks it worked. I could rename my headings and it still worked. 

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Hi - here's what i found.

The order you place the charts/slicer e.t.c on the page matters.

when the slicer is pasted into the other/second page + then afterwards you add the charts (or copy and paste them) then the syncing works but if the charts are already on the page you are pasting to it sometimes work and sometimes doesnt.


So my workaround is to copy the slicer from the first page and paste to the second page you want synced. Then highlight the charts you have on the second page > cut them from the page > and paste them again.


Its a pretty agricultural method but seems to work.