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Sync "text filter" with visuals across multiple pages

I have active visuals on multiple pages (in report) and need to sync "text filter" accross pages. I'm using "text filter" for the purpose of grouping street addresses together (from csv.excel database), and this is the only filter/slicer who does that work appropriately for me (f.x. searching Mean street and getting results for all addresses - Mean street nr. 1,2,3,4,5 etc). However it seems like "text filter" will only sync with visuals located on the same page. Is there any way to get "text filter" to sync with visuals from other pages in report?

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HI  @Kuggsi 

Only buit-in slicer and custom visual hierarchy slicer could set sync slicer in power bi for now.

"text filter" is not support in power bi for now, so you may these two slicers.

or you may submit your idea in Power BI Ideas to make it coming soon.




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Neither the "built-in slicer" nor the "hierarchy slicer" will do this efficiently, imo. You'll have to "check mark" every street name address box separately to get efficient results for each "street" - making it much more complex and time consuming task - while "text filter" will automatically group street name addresses together based on street name you desire to "search for" (and immediately portraits that to visuals). Supported filters also end up taking much more space on report + UI design looks more clumsy and unappealing. 

I think Microsoft should definitely look into the option of making "text filter" syncing across multiple pages in report. I believe Tableau has this option.

Community Support

hi @Kuggsi 

"text filter" is custom visual, it has its own personalization features, but sync slicer is not support this custom visual for now.

You could submit your idea in Power BI Ideas to make it coming soon.