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Switching Accounts to Publish

Every time I republish a dashboard with updates to the data I am forced to go up to my account and choose, switch account and re-log in. If I try to just publish without re-logging in by switching accounts it tells me the dashboard is already published to that location, and I do not have the option to replace it. This error isn't a huge deal, but when you have 30 dashboards that have to be updated, it gets rather obnoxious. 


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Are you using the latest Apr 2017 version of Power BI Desktop? This issue should has already been fixed in previous builds. And I also cannot repro the same issue as you on my side.


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I'm investigating issues related to this. Did you always have this problem, or did it just happen after a particular update?





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This has been a consistent issue. It was briefly fixed, by briefly I mean it seemed to work last week, and stopped working this week. However, the nature of the error has changed. Prieviously it would tell me the data was already loaded, and wouldn't give me the option to replace it. Now it gives me a phony error stating that the Object reference not set to an instance of an object. This would indicate a relationship problem with one of the lookup tables. This is not the case. I recieved the same error on every single one of my reports when I try to publish them, and the fix for each is the same. Switch my account to the same account and select publish again. I will then recieve a popup with the option to replace the existing data and it publishes just fine. 



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Hi Matthew,


Thank you for the info. You are right, this error has nothing to do with your model. Do you happen to have Fiddler? If yes, would you mind running Fiddler first, then opeing Power BI and reproduce the issue, then saving the Fiddler session and send it to me? If not, I can send you instructions on how to do it.