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Support people who are trying to evalutate this platform who get 500 (Internal Server Errors)

Posted my issue on the Developer forum and got told the following;


"As there is no any code or detailed steps which can help us reproduce your issue, it's hard for us to investigate on it.


In this scenario, I would suggest you create a support ticket on Power BI Support(bottom on the page) for better assistance."


Sadly, I can't seem to create a support ticket, because I've not yet given you guys any money... which I have a hard time with since I've still not been able to fully evaluate this platform due to the "500 Internal Server Error" I'm getting.


I'd sure appreciate it if someone could help me out with this.


Also, sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place, but.. see above.




Scott Fraley

Status: Needs Info

Hi @ScottFraleyPAC,


Seems you have solved it. I found your post here. We can't do anything if there is only an error code. Can you share any details?


Best Regards,


Impactful Individual
Status changed to: Needs Info