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Support of OData Complex Type in cross domain.

Hi Team,


Latest version of Power BI  does not support   OData Complex Type  in the cross domain. I am not able to access the complex type properties in different domain. While accessing, It is throwing me below error :


Details: "OData: Incompatible type kinds were found. Found type kind 'Complex' instead of the expected kind 'None'."


<Property Name="DefaultUnit" Type="PTC.EnumType" Nullable="false"/>
<Property Name="DefaultTraceCode" Type="PTC.EnumType" Nullable="false"/>
<Property Name="Source" Type="PTC.EnumType" Nullable="false"/>
<Property Name="ConfigurableModule" Type="PTC.EnumType"/>


In the above snippet, I am tryingto access "Source" and it is defined in different domain "PTC".


Can you please provide me a fix of this issue?


Status: Needs Info


What specific OData service do you connect to? And do you use Power BI  Desktop June or July release?



Impactful Individual
Status changed to: Needs Info