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Subscriptions not sending

Automated subscriptions did not send from either workspace after refresh. REfresh succeeded but no email. Went to the dashboards and manually ran subscriptions. Still no email received. Normally emails are received at 7:00 am EST.

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Well... I had the same issue just couple of hours ago. Report should be released at 11:45AM CEST, and it was generated and sent on 1:24PM CEST.

Guess will see on Monday. Thanks for your input, @USABB_Data

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I have not received any subscription emails this morning.  I tried to rerun them with no luck.  Mine had been fine up until Sunday night (4/21/2019) at around 11:00pm.  


For me there is still a big delay. It is scheduled for 11:45AM and I got it at 1:40PM.

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No emails yet this morning and nothing listed  to say of any service down.

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I did get mine but they were an hour delayed.  The 6:30am refresh emails started coming in at 7:27am EST.

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I unsubscribed and subscribed back again, and it's working fine now.

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Looks like this problem is back.  I'm only getting some of the emails that should be received this morning.  The support page does not have any outage information, and the service health in O365 admin center shows no issues.

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As hftrc001 mentioned, I just got one of mine but roughly an hour delayed.

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Mine are sending out now but are also coming in an hour late.  Also EST time.  


mine worked to individual email, but not the group one?