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Subscriptions not sending

Automated subscriptions did not send from either workspace after refresh. REfresh succeeded but no email. Went to the dashboards and manually ran subscriptions. Still no email received. Normally emails are received at 7:00 am EST.

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Same issue.  I have 5 tenants and all have failed to send subscriptions emails this morning.  2 have been received around 8 hours later than they normally should have been.  I manually trigged the subscriptions to send emails, but the emails are still not received.

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I just received 2 but there are others pending and any test ones I tried are pending as well.

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I'm receiving a steady stream of emails now.  I guess the clog has been removed.

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We are receiving tons of subscription emails now as well.  Probably because we kept hitting Run Now this morning ha.

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If a Microsoft rep sees this thread, please let us know the following

1. What caused the problem

2. What is being done to ensure this does not recur

3. Why did the Power BI service health status not indicate that a problem exists?

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I got my first one of the day too, Yay!  @PaulBFelix I don't think that you will get that root cause detail unless you do a formal support ticket.

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We received them this morning as I'm sure most of you did too.  I have a ticket open and will reply here if they provide root cause or any explanation.

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Nothing received yet.



Our emails are delayd, but we are receiving them. Subscription set up to 7:45AM, they are generated and send on, for example, 9:23AM. 

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Here is the response from my support ticket after I asked for root cause, etc:


Thanks for the confirmation.

Yes the issue is resolved now, this issue occurred because there was an issue with the AEO (Azure Email Orchestrator).

But later the issue was fixed by the Product Team.

Yes, customers are notified about any known issue/outage in the Power BI support Page :  

Also you could check the same in the Power BI community forum.



It was not on that support page FYI atleast for the first day.  I'm not sure if they eventually posted something there or not though.