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Subscriptions not sending

Automated subscriptions did not send from either workspace after refresh. REfresh succeeded but no email. Went to the dashboards and manually ran subscriptions. Still no email received. Normally emails are received at 7:00 am EST.

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Frequent Visitor

I see the same thing. I have 3 reports setup with subscriptions. All of the datasets updated sucessfully but none of the subscriptions sent. Manually sending gives me a sucess message but no emails were actually sent.

Helper I

We are having the same issues with no emails on subscriptions.

Frequent Visitor

Sames here...its been 1.5 hrs since they should have gone out and nothing so far

Helper I

I have logged a support case as well and will update here when I hear more.  I suggest you log one too just to ensure they are aware of the problem.

Not applicable

We are having the same issue. Please advise when this has been fixed.

Frequent Visitor

Same issue here - please advise when this will be fixed

Advocate III

same here.  I refreshed several datasets today and didn't get emails.  

Helper IV

I have the same issue with reports I have email subscriptions for.  The emails did not send after each report dataset was refreshed. 


I also, tried the run now button to test and those have not sent or come through either.

Please advise on the issue.



Frequent Visitor

I have posted the same a couple of minutes ago!

Community Champion

Just received the first email. First of three still waiting on two others. No way of knowing when the others will arrive . . . or if.