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Subscriptions not sending March 2021

Subscription emails are not being received since 7:45 am EST. Even when manually selecting run now on subscriptions no email is being generated. No notification is listed on the support page showing that this is a known problem. Other threads show different dates for this issue and are reported as being solved therefore this must be a new instance of the issue.

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New Member

My users have the same problem this morning. They have been waiting to get email subscription for more than an hour now. Please help.

Regular Visitor

We are facing the same issue and it has not been resolved

Advocate I

Seeing the same thing here in US North Central. Neither scheduled nor manual ("Run Now") subsriptions are being sent out.

Not applicable

I'm having a similar, but not identical, issue. Our subscription reports are being sent, but they aren't arriving until hours after the scheduled run time...

Community Support



A similar issue has been reported internally, so stay tuned.

CRI 232709789

Advocate II

Same issue here, Ireland

Frequent Visitor

Same issue here, Indonesia

Helper I

Same here. I tried it like 6 times, worked 2 times when I reduced the subcribed dashboard by most of the content.

Advocate II

Ive got mine working, i created another subscription, just a dummy one in an existing report to me, save and run, once this happened the rest of the subscriptions kicked in at the next scheduled refresh

Frequent Visitor

Sometimes I got email from my subscription but sometimes didn't. It's like the issue is not 100% solved.