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Subscription service not sending emails today

Did not receive the daily updates for any of the four reports that I subscribe to. My colleagues have the same issue. 


Report subscriptions were working correctly through yesterday.  Confirmed in the Power Bi service that the datasets were refreshed earlier today which should have triggered the emails.


Anyone else having a problem today? 

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I did not recive an email either. 

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So far 2 of the 4 daily email subscriptions have arrived for datasets that refreshed before 8:30 AM Eastern.  Still waiting for the other 2 emails.

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My refresh occured at 7:34 am EST this morning. The email came in at 2:15 PM.

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all updates received.


That's great. It could be a temporary issue.


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Experienced this issue yesterday. I subscribe to 4 dashboards and did not receive any email notifications even though everything worked fine the day before (usually would get an email early in the morning after the data refreshed) I opened a ticket with Microsoft. Someone worked on it, and then I received the email notification for all 4 dashboards very late in the afternoon. This morning, I received 2 emails for 2 of these dashboards, but not for the other two. Usually I would get all four of them around the same time. So the issue still remains. Microsoft emailed me that they are working on this, but no solution yet.
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Same here, intermittent issues with subscriptions.

Two things to check-- if you go to the dashboard and click on the subscribe button, check to see if you have multiple subscriptions to that dashboard that appear to have been turned off.


Also from within the Power BI service (website), click on the gear icon on top right, then settings, then subscriptions tab and see if the subscription is listed.  Some of our users are reporting disappearing subscriptions, others experiencing issues where subscriptions appear active but emails are not being sent in a timely fashion.



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I am having a similar problem with Not receiving email on Alert, they were delayed by 6 hours yesterday, and today I got duplicates

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I also had issues last week, March 13-15 timeframe.  Emails were delayed or did not come at all.  By March 16 and since then everything is fine.  No changes made on our side.


Please update if anyone finds issue.