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Subscription Linking to Wrong Tab on PC

We have a report with multiple hidden tabs so we can subscribe users to their specific tab without them seeing the others.  However, when the user clicks on "Go To Report" from within the subscription email on their PC, they are taken to the first tab of the report (which is also hidden) rather than the tab to which they are subscribed.  Oddly, if the same user clicks "Go To Report" from their mobile device, they are taken to the correct tab in the Power BI app.


Users are subscribed to their specific tabs, and the subscription snapshots all work fine.  Also, when I click "Go To Report" on PC or Mobile, I am taken to the correct tab - issue only impacts users.


Not sure if this is a glitch or simply a setting I am missing.  Any help would be appreciated

Status: New

Hi @sforten


I tested on my side but not able to reproduce the issue. In your scenario, please clear browser cache then test again.


Also please ensure the report is saved with the visible report page. You can enter edit mode of the report, then click on the visible report page, click on Save button. Go to view mode, recreate a subscription. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu