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Streaming Report Dataset & Dashboard



Enable so that it is possible to build a report out of a Streaming dataset and still keep the streaming up.


Because this is not possible right now, even if it should be according your video: At 39:10


Hope this is possible to do! Smiley Happy


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Could you please post a screenshot about your scenario? I can successfully create reports out of a streaming dataset after I enable "Historic data analysis " option. Have you enabled "Historic data analysis " option for your streaming dataset?



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Thank you for the answer.


I will try to explain:


Step 1. When I have created my streaming dataset with historic data analysis. then I want to build a report out of that dataset. By choosing create report. 






Step 2


Then we choose the different columns that we want to use:






Step 3.


Then we save the report, and when we open it and choose Pin Live page the streaming wouldn't work.






Step 4.


Here is the issue. If I choose Add tile, then I could create a working streaming dashboard. But!

If I choose Create Report-option as shown in step 1 the the data stop strems.





 As showen above the first two pinned vizualisations has the streamin-icon up in the left corner.

But we also created this by choosing Add tile, and then selected Custom Streaming data. And the Vizualisation-options is very limited there.


The vizualisations that we created in step 1 doesn't have the streaming-icon up in the left corner.


Hope you understand what we mean! Smiley Happy


And yet again, thanks for the reply.














The report that you create in step 2 is different than that you create in step4. The report in step2 contains historic data and it is by design that the report doesn't have the streaming-icon because it is a standard report. When you use pin live page to pin the report page to dashboard, you would need to manually refresh the web page to see updated data in the report of step 2 in dashboard.

In addition, if you use pin visual instead of pin live page in step 3, you can see instant updates in the dashboard for the report without manually refreshing web page.


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