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Storing Dax as form of Metric in separate excel file

Hi Team,


Is there any capabilities weher we can store the dax as separate excel file and same can be imported in power bi for metrics purposes. This process will give advantage of storing centralized copy of all the dax and maintenance too will be easy. 


Thanks In Advance

Power BI User



Status: New
Community Support

Hi @poojasingh ,

As far as I know, currently you can try these ways to export dax formula from Power BI:

  1. Using DAX Studio to export, refer this viedo: Export Measures from Power BI to Excel using Dax Studio 
  2. Export to template file first and open datamodelschema file by json, refer this document: Exporting Measure and Column formulas from Power BI 


For importing to Power BI, you can save the original one as a template file(.pbit) and modify the template file with your new model. For more details, please refer to doc below:


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li