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Storgae account Key Retrieval Forbidden when conneccting to Data flow

I have some dataflows that have been working without issue until recently. These data flows connect to on-premise SQL DB's and pull data out and store it in our organisations Data Lake (ADLS gen 2). We are not using the default data store and our using our own data lake store in our own tenant.

recently the owner (myself) and other users are recieving the following error when conencting and trying to read the data from PowerBI Desktop:


DataflowsStorageAccountKeyRetrievalForbidden: DataflowsStorageAccountKeyRetrievalForbidden


I've searched the forums and only found 1 other post, which doesn't have a resolution so looking for some help.


The data flows connect to the data source without issue

The data flows write the data to the ADLS gen2 storage without issue and are running on a daily schedule (no issues)

I can access the data via Azure portal and via storage explorer as i'm setup as 'Reader and Data Access' role in Azure

I can see the data flows in PowerBI Desktop

but when attempting to connect to pull data into PowerBI Desktop I get this error.


to re-clarify this was all working as expected back in March and April and no permission have changed





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@AndyBean ,


I would suggest you create a support ticket here for further analysis.

Support Ticket.gif 


Jimmy Tao

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OK, thanks i'll log a suport ticket

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after logging a support ticket with MS, the issue is now resolved.

our issue was that the Power BI Service applicaiton wass missing the Storage Blob Data Owner role in our ADLS gen 2 containers.


issue now resolved