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Standard slicer visual not working in IE or Edge when using PowerBI embedded

We are implementing a PowerBI embedded solution where we use the standard "slicer" visualization in "dropdown" mode. Both when we design our report in PowerBI desktop and when we upload it to power BI service everything works fine. But when publishing the exact same report to our embedded solution, the slicer visual doesn't work in IE11 or Edge (seems to work better in chrome/firefox). This is tested with the exact same report and the exact same browser version (IE ver. 11.576.14393.0). 


The major problem is that the list is stuck in the top without possibility to scroll down. When you open the dropdown you see e.g. 7-8 elements which can be chosen and the report responses fine. But all the elements below the top 7-8 cannot be accessed. We see a scroll down bar to the right but its just stuck in the top.


Another problem is that if you open the dropdown and tries to click elsewhere in the report to close the slicer - nothing happens. It remains open.


Thirdly the "clear selection" icon is misplaced in the left side on top of the titel instead of the correct placement to the right. 


So this happens only when consuming the report in an iframe. I guess there are some event handling that doesn't work properly when using iframes...


This is a major problem for our embedded solution as it depend heavely on this slicer visual. Hope you can fix this in a soon release. Let me know if you have any questions.




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I just tested it with embedded report in IE11 but I cannot repro the issue. Please take a look at following gif. Is there anything difference between our scenarios?


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Hi Herbert


Thanks for the quick reply. As you can see below we still experience the issue.





















I have done some further testing and we do have a different scenario. In our solution we have created a SharePoint app (SharePoint provider hosted add-in - hosted in Azure) which are added to a SharePoint site as a web part. The app embeds PowerBI and it is consumed by invited external SharePoint users. So i guess we have a "iFrame in an iFrame" scenario. And here we experience the described issue.


I have just tested our app - and as long as we are not in sharepoint context everything works great. So i guess its the double iFrame that makes the problem.


Does that make sense?





Any news on this?