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Stacked column chart new Total option is not taking filter context into account


I have created a measure, which only plugs a value at total level.

Now with new released stacked bar option to show total at the top of the bar chart, the visual is just doing a simple sum of individual categories, without taking filter context of the measure..

Here is the screenshot of the two visuals, they both have exactly same filters applied to them. the matrix shows the correct value, where I am plugging a value of 144,470 at total level adding upto 6,926,199 (expected result). However, the stacked bar chart visual on the left is not showing the correct value at total level.


Could you please let me know if this is a bug?  and will be fixed in the future release?


Many thanks,


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To my knowledge, It is designed by default for now.

Stacked visuals can display data labels and total labels. On a stacked column chart, data labels identify the value for each portion of a column. Total labels display the total value for the entire aggregated column.


it coudln't be custom define by measure with modified filter context, it just sum for all data labels.


You may submit your requirement in here to make it coming soon.




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@v-lili6-msft thank you that make sense.