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Stacked column chart limit for number of column series



There seems to be a limit to the number of column series that can be shown in a stacked column chart. In the screenshot below, the black line is the total while the stacked bar shows the split of that total in different categories, they do not look like they are equal (and they should be).


If I limit the data to have less categories, then it is able to show the proper chart.


It would be great if :

- There were no limit, or at least a higher limit.

- Power BI does not complain about the fact there are too many categories. It should and make it very visible to the user that the data cannot be represented correctly. This is very problematic as it doesn't show the data properly (and so is a bug because of that).




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Hi @yoann_brenet,


Please remove the filed placed in Column Series bucket to see if the results are the same. If the series couldn't load completely, there should be a warning icon display on the top left corner of the visual. 


It would be better if you could share a sample file with us to test it. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Has there been any more info on this? I have the same issue. I have my data sorted into 4 levels. The smallest level is shown by the categories in each stacked column, the columns themselves show the 2nd smallest level of data, and I have a matrix that shows how the 3rd and 4th levels are split. When I show the overall data, some categories are not being shown, but if I drill down further to either the 3rd or 4th level by using the matrix, Then suddenly the missing categories start to show up.


For example, the first image shows the overall view and should be sorted in decending order. As you can see, the "Out of spec" column has the largest total but its not showing any value. The second image shows the data drilled down to "Volume Losses" which is where the "out of spec" column is found. As you can see, the column is now showing 200K worth of data.

powerbi help.PNG



power bi help 2.PNG


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I'm getting exactly the same issue.  In my case, I have a stacked column chart, which uses a field as the legend to group the data. I have dates on my X axis.  When I have the full date range included, some of the categories do not show, but when I reduce the date range via a slicer, at one point the missing data appears.  Alternatively if I leave the slicer with the full date range open and then filter using other slicers, the missing categories will appear.  


There is indeed a blue 'i' warning when you mouse-over the visual, but it is not very obvious to users.  Ideally I would like the visual to have an increased limit to avoid this issue occurring at all, but at least please make the warning a bit more obvious so that it shows even without  a mouse-over.





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Same here as of 2020.


Thank you for the info that there is some kind of warning - even with the picture, I had to search for it.


This needs to be fixed. I'd rather have the series distinction temporarily turned off than looking at wrong numbers.

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Does anyone know if this is fixed? It seems that powerbi isnt allowing more than 60 different categories in legend. 


This sucks..... 

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The visual should not just appear to work - there should be a clear message box overlaying the columns so that users don't go any further.

I'm migrating reports from PowerView in Sharepoint 2012. That system had no problem with this. PBI is not a step forwards IMO.

I have reported to MS Support as this is simply a bug. How can you go live with a system like this. There is no way to control or check the number of categories before the CEO sees it on a dashboard. The CEO won't spot the little blue "i" at the top of the screen.

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MS Support have not come up with any suggestions yet.

However, I discovered that you can change the X axis "Type" from "Continuous" to "Categorical". My X axis is the hours of the day and this change resulted in the last hour, which had no data, being removed from the stacked bar chart. The missing bar chart segments were then visible and the blue "i" flag disappears. 🙂

It isn't clear whether the categorical setting simply has a different capacity for the number of categories displayed or whether the change from 12 hours on the X axis to 11 hours was the thing that made the difference.

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MS Support have closed the support ticket saying that this "feature" is "by design".

Please upvote the idea at !