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Stacked bar visiulazition issue after October 2017 update

Hi Support,


i have a current standard report that i run every month , and after the october 2017 update it gives me visualization issues.


i report the following.


Top 10 count of incidents per equipment.


in previous versions if i had more equipments with the same amount of incidents than i was able to scroll down and everything was readable.


Now after new update it puts everything in the graph and it's not possible to show the name because there is so much,

here there is no possibility to scroll down.

Can this be fixed please?

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stacked bar.PNGissue

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Are you using the Stacked bar chart or the Funnel visual? I can only repro the same issue with Funnel on my side, and I’ve reported it internally to Power BI Team: CRI 49161497

BTW, do you want the previous working version of Power BI Desktop?


Repro_1.jpgRepro in FunnelExpected_1.jpgCorrect in Stacked bar chart


Best Regards,

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If you are using the funnel chart, then it is by design, funnel charts have never scrolled.


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